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Attention Music Lovers!!

My name is Mark Tyler, my purpose is to entertain your guests and customers ultimately increasing your business! My talents bring the whole party to your location. The sound system used is fantastic for both the small, intimate acoustic shows as well as the larger and more rocking venues. My use of DJ lighting, fog and laser effects increases the excitement of the shows!


Several instruments are included as part of the performance. My style is described as “Looper Jam”, which uses multiple instruments creating a layered sound, amazingly larger than that of one person. The focus is on acoustic guitars, electric guitars, and bass while using the mandolin, banjo, keyboards/synths, and percussion to add spice and texture.

Digital Artist

As a professional artist, my strengths include the creation of original music, graphic design, and engineereing. As an experienced video editor and creator of my own on stage imagery, my talents will attract customers to your establishment. Collaborating with other talented musicians and local artists will generate interest and increase attendance at your place of business.